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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is a kind of non-life insurance aimed at protecting insurable interest of a party involved in a supply chain which owns or is liable for property in transit by means of providing indemnity for loss or damage occurred during transit, loading or unloading operations, transshipments as well as during interim storage at seaports, airports or warehouses. Normally cargo insurance policies are based on ICC Clauses which specify the lists of both insured perils and exceptions from the insurance coverage.

BritMark will be pleased to provide you with quality cargo insurance policy regardless of transportation used for shipment or route but in accordance with individual terms of delivery and cargo specifics

We can offer you the following benefits of using our services:

  1. Tailored insurance coverage adjusted for terms of the contract and possible perils. The policy is normally extended for covering losses incurred during loading/unloading operations, interim storage or transshipment of cargo.  
  2. Many years of experience in insuring cargo shipped by any kind of transportation, including multimodal freight.
  3. Worldwide geography of insured routes.
  4. Close attention to cargo specifics with a view to ensuring its maximum safety. For example, we offer extended insurance policies for perishable, fragile, frozen or valuable goods.
  5. Option for non-resident Insureds to pay premium and receive indemnity both in foreign currency.
  6. Opportunity to conclude either single-shipment policy or master agreement depending on the volume of annual cargo turnover.   
  7. Time-saving paperwork - notifications of each shipment can be submitted on a monthly or quarterly basis instead of prior to the beginning of each shipment. 
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