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Risk management

Modern enterprise risk management is aimed at building dynamic and flexible risk management systems, as well as building the company's risk resilience, which will allow these systems to mitigate the consequences of risk occurrence and ensure the business is moving towards its goals.

Kateryna Shum, Partner at BritMark, passed the exam and became the first one in Ukraine to receive the European certificate in risk management by Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

FERMA RIMAP Certificate provides an independent confirmation of professional competences and experience. The evaluation is based on the standard developed by European risk managers and recognized by FERMA’s 21 risk management member associations.

FERMA was established in 1974. This organization headquartered in Brussels currently unites 22 associations of professional risk managers operating in various fields of business.

Our experts are ready to provide assistance in the following areas of risk management:

  1. Identification of risks through audit, analysis of management decisions and documentation;
  2. Determination of potential risk sources;
  3. Formulation of proposals to minimize financial and other losses of the company, including business continuity ensuring and labor protection;
  4. Assessment of the risk financing methods used by the enterprise and giving additional recommendations for their improvement;
  5. Retrospective analysis and classification of losses, providing proposals for their minimization;
  6. General risk-related financial control, setting limits, reducing costs;
  7. Debugging of internal communication systems and training employees in procedures for responding to a risk event;
  8. Expert support and accompaniment of employees and top management on risk management issues.
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