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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Cooperation with us doesn’t make you switch from your current insurance company to the one offered by BritMark. It is possible to keep working with the same insurer but benefit from the lower rates we secure. In addition BritMark is happy to provide the following services:  

  1. Keeping you up to date with accurate prospective, predictability and strategy of the insurance company regarding its clients.
  2. Informing you about any change in the insurance company’s services.
  3. Preparing the comparative quotes including rates from the most solvent insurance companies along with analysis of their insurance policies’ pitfalls.
  4. Reducing the cost of CASCO insurance and motor third-party liability insurance. BritMark’s experts understand the specificity of the vehicle fleet common for your industry. 
  5. Changing the insurer for your vehicle fleet upon your request without burdening your employees in a process. 
You do not choose between your insurance company and the one offered by BritMark.
You choose whether to work with the insurance company directly or through BritMark’s services.
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