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Liability Insurance

We provide impeccable service (see Recommendations of Our Clients), which includes:

  1. Performing risk analysis for your company and offering you the most appropriate limits of liability to reduce the insurance costs
  2. Ensuring clauses to include tenant’s and lessor’s liability in the coverage of the general third party liability insurance as well as upgrading the policy for the period of construction or finishing works if required. 
  3. Preparing specific environmental liability and employers’ liability insurance policies usually required by such institutions as EBRD
  4. Implementing successfully product liability insurance for clients operating in food and beverages industry or manufacturing.
  5. Drafting customized professional liability insurance policies for lawyers, auditors, accountants, designers or appraisers.
  6. Preparing adequate Directors and officers’ liability insurance required by the stock exchanges such as AIM/LSE.
  7. Finding coverage for any limit of liability whether it is USD 5 mln or even USD 50 mln if required by you despite the fact that majority of the policies in the market are being limited to maximum USD 1-3 mln coverage.
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