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Bonus Options in Health Insurance Policies
Health Insurance

Normally each health insurance program overview along with basic sections such as ambulatory care, in-patient care, emergency health care and dental care has addendum containing bonus option which can be included in the coverage subject to additional insurance premium payment. Naturally enough it’s reasonable to evaluate whether or not such additional expenses are justified.

Determination of Prices on Health Insurance Policies
Health Insurance

This article might be of use for those who have little experience in health insurance or do not understand completely the essence of price determination on this kind of policies. If you are an employer considering conclusion or renewal of health insurance agreement for your employees, you’d want to know about the factors which influence the price of the policy. They are briefly reviewed below.

Health Insurance Program: Is It Really All Inclusive?
Health Insurance

The issue of obligatory health insurance has been an arguable point for quite some time now. Unfortunately, no progress has been reached so far in this matter while voluntary health insurance is becoming more and more popular. If you are a lucky owner of health insurance policy and would like to make the most of it the tips below would be of use to you.


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Health Insurance: Ukraine’s Market Realities
Health Insurance

If you are a lucky one using the benefits of health insurance in Ukraine sooner or later you come across the dilemma of whether or not specific illness, injury or other cause of health problems fall within the category of insured events and are to be covered by the insurance company. Trust me, you are not the only one who has such doubts. This article is aimed at offering you a brief outline of programs under Ukraine’s health insurance programs.

Reforms of Ministry of Health of Ukraine: the Patient is More Dead than Alive
Health Insurance

We’ve been hearing tons of promises from Ministry of Health of Ukraine for years now. Those include the opportunity to get medical assistance in a hospital of outside of your area of residence, single electronic database of patients’ records, the right of a clinic to manage their earnings and so on. Unfortunately, reality leaves much to be desired.

5 Easy Steps to Get a Sick Leave Certificate Using Your Health Insurance.
Health Insurance

Although a sick leave certificate is a throwback to the past, your employer is not entitled to get back the money from the Social Security Fund for the sick leave compensation paid to you. Besides, it verifies your excuse for being absent from work, especially if you were sick for a long time. Here are some steps you can take to avoid problems with getting a sick leave certificate if you have health insurance.

Health Insurance: How to Be Indemnified For the Treatment You Paid For Yourself
Health Insurance

A lot of voluntary health insurance policies stipulate the possibility for the insured to pay for the treatment with being further indemnified by the insurance company for the same amount.

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