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BritMark at a Glance
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Overall portfolio of clients’ risks insured in 2019
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Accreditation insurance
7 Smart Ways to Break Corporate Rules
HR Management

Think about your own rules and choose the ones you can change radically.

Manual on How to Make Your Speech Valuable for Your Audience

A few weeks ago I happened to attend lecture delivered by the well-known businessman which lasted nearly three hours. It later spurred me to create this manual containing my thoughts on what should be included in a speech in order for it to be of value to the listeners.

Professional Services: From Sales to Marketing

Every branch of professional services in Ukraine faces gradual commoditization of some services. Clients are not inclined to dig deep into the professional nuances but want to find out the price for any particular service outright like they do when purchasing goods.


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Insurance Market – Ukraine 2015: Results and Prospects
Insurance business
Property Claims Settlement

Last year Ukraine’s insurance market faced two major trends. The first one was associated with overall decline of economy due to ongoing conflict in the East of our country and sharp depreciation of national currency. The second one, though, came down to the fact that the need for structural reforms became urgent and obvious which, in its turn, gave start to new market developments.

Insurance by Numbers: Comparative Analysis of EU, Ukraine and Poland Key Market Indicators Dynamics (2010 – 2015)
Insurance business

The development of insurance services is a significant vector in the EU-Ukraine integration process. This review is devoted to analyzing where our country stands in terms of key indicators of the insurance market compared to those of the European states.

Corporate Insurance As Perfect Bore Sees It
Insurance business

Let’s be honest – do you, like the majority of other company owners, usually see paying for insurance policy as incomprehensible, still necessary, expenses but definitely not as purchasing effective financial instrument? It may be one of the reasons why, if you sign an insurance policy without reading it, you end up with expensive stack of paper instead of effective insurance coverage. Interestingly enough, you never fail to read every bit of the credit agreement closely, don’t you?

Ready to Invest in Ukraine? Ensure to Insure
Insurance business
Liability Insurance
Real Estate Insurance
War/Terrorism Insurance

The past two years have seen our state as one of the leading newsmakers, with the world’s media displaying breaking headlines uncovering more and more of dramatic twists and turns in our nation’s history.

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