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BritMark settled for its clients 168 losses during the winter period, total amount of reimbursements reached more than 1,828 mln.UAH.
In response to the recent developments regarding Suntech and its largest subsidiary, Solarif regrets the fact that the turbulent PV market has caused such a well-respected company to collapse. This shows once again that reputation and size is no guarantee for continued existence. Investors, EPC contractors, developers and PV project owners should all be aware of the risks involved in buying PV modules that are expected to last more than 20 years and receiving a warranty from a company that should stay in business for at least 20 years.
BritMark settled reimbursement for stolen water motorcycle RTX-X-RS 260, 2011, insured in the company “Universalna” for the total amount of 185 472,54 UAH.
BritMark celebrated 9th anniversary since the date of its establishment on February 2. According to already existing tradition, partners and employees of the company summed up the results for the previous year.
Indemnity Department of BritMark settled 575 claims for the total amount of 7,3 MUAH, average term of reimbursement was 17 day since the moment of loss.
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