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BritMark team has resumed our traditional goings to the theatres together.

Theatrical season was opened by the play “Geeks” shown at Kyiv Academic Workshop of Dramatic Art “Suzirya”.

A brand new Honda Pilot, nearly 3-months old, was stolen from the employee of our Client company right on Christmas.
On March 31 Alexander Saus held a workshop for EBA member companies called“Anti-Networking for CEO”.
The insured event took place on January 20, 2016. Due to the abnormal weight of snow produced by the heavy snowfalls in Odessa and Mykolayiv regions the greenhouses belonging to our client Agrofusion were deformed.
On December 20, 2015 our client’s Volkswagen Caddy (2013) was severely damaged in the car accident in Vinnitsa region.
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