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UAH 150,000 Claim Settled

Ford Tranzit (year of manufacture – 2013) on lease was damaged in the traffic accident in February 2015. The vehicle was insured in “Allianz Ukraine”. The main issue in the course of the claim settlement was the sum in the invoice for repair calculated at the official maintenance station. It constituted UAH 300,000 which practically meant that the damage could be classified as the total loss. However, this option was not to our Client’s benefit as in the end he was obliged to give up the vehicle. Besides, the indemnity would have to be partly paid to the leasing company. Nevertheless BritMark managed to negotiate the better option with the insurer. We found another maintenance station where the repair was done much cheaper. As a result our Client got to keep the car, plus received the indemnity necessary to pay for repair, in full. It’s worth mentioning that the delay in the claim settlement was caused by the leasing company. It took it almost two months to give consent for the repair.