15 Nizhny Val Str., 5 floor, office 502
Kyiv 04071, Ukraine
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Poetry Event

It’s quietly raining outside, the streets are already jammed by traffic, subway is filled with people hurrying on their business. Everyone has some worries on their minds…

Only BritMark’s employees, Clients and friends - staunch adherents of poetry Polar Art Club have gathered in the Gallery Visotskiy to feel the beauty and to dive into the infinite world of poetry to enjoy it and forget all about their worries.

You can hear the rain through the window, but it’s warm and cozy inside the gallery. The aroma of fresh autumn coffee and harsh wine is spreading around the hall filled with friendly conversations of poetry advocates. Music played by a virtuosic pianist is gradually blending into the mood of the audience.

Anticipation is thick in the air… What is to be expected from the inspired BritMark experts? Finally the performance begins…

This evening heard the immortal verses of Alexander Pushkin, Omar Khayam, Boris Ryzhiy, Nika Tumanova, Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lina Kostenko, Ivan Franko and others. It was challenging to declaim poems in from of the audience. It was even harder to show all the feelings, emotions and general mood of the poem, however everyone did great. After the official part of the event, the guests got the opportunity to try themselves on stage and to share their favorite poems with others. Some even read their own rhymes. No one has left the event without immortal art being impeded in their memories. It’s worth mentioning that poetry events have become one of the best traditions of BritMark. We hope for each year to bring more and more of such events with numerous guests.