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Do You Need to Sign a Family Doctor if You Have Health Insurance?

Health care reform is well under way. Every day the number of signed contracts is growing exponentially. Over 460,000 contracts with family doctors have been concluded in the first two weeks since the start of the program, and those are just the official numbers. This, in turn, puts the logical question to those who have health insurance policy, which is: do I really need to choose a family doctor, since I can always go to a private clinic for the medical assistance?   

First of us, let us not forget that voluntary health insurance does not imply abandoning public health care. What is more, both programs mutually offset each other’s drawbacks. That is why it is recommended that the contract with the chosen family doctor be signed. This will make possible to cover all the bases, i.e. to enjoy the benefits of the health care insurance and still be able to receive specific certificates or medical evidence of disability, etc. from public medical institutions, if necessary