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New Personal Lines Insurance Product: “The Best Doctors” or “Health Care “Without Borders”

The best doctors of the world become closer with the program “The Best Doctors”.  It covers treatment of critical diseases in leading international hospitals abroad by internationally known doctors within the limit of EUR 1 mln per year. “Health Care Without Borders” in its turn covers treatment of neoplasms (oncology), coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, replacement or renewal of cardiac valve, neurosurgeries or organ transplantations from living donors. Insurance company is to reimburse all the necessary medical and administrative costs such as hospital bills (medical procedures, labs, and researches ets.), prescribed medications, cost of travel and accommodation for the accompanying person etc. The results of this program is impressive: 20 % of rejected diagnoses, 35 % of changed treatment courses, 38 % of avoided surgeries and 95 % of satisfied patients.