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Private Movie Screening of of Vanishing Point

BritMark employees not only appreciate the theatre but also have a heart for cinema.

In July we were lucky to see the iconic movie Vanishing point at VIP hall of Multiplex Atmosfera. Since this venue is located on the outskirts of the city, we felt to be the special guests there.

Watching and discussing movies together is an old tradition of BritMark. However, this was the first time we did it outside the office.

Event was moderated by our old friend Sergey Kravchuk, the subtle connoisseur of art who masterfully presented the movie to the audience. He also made sure to stress out all the important details.

Movie’s ending was a surprise, leaving everyone which a feeling that not everything was said. Basically, the whole story ended with the quizzical mark rather than full stop. This triggered heated discussion. It’s worth mentioning that for some of us that was the first experience of participating in the event of this kind. Luckily, the start turned out to be not rocky at all!