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International Clients

If you operate internationally, you too can rely on our services.

BritMark works for both Ukrainian companies with foreign branches as well as international companies with subsidiaries in Ukraine.

With a portfolio of over 50 international Clients, BritMark has 18 years of experience in drafting, managing and servicing international insurance programs.

We are a member of two major associations of insurance brokers dedicated to protecting their Clients across the planet.

Using their global experience, a knowledgeable local partner will review your unique international risk exposure for any part of the world and will offer a high-quality risk and insurance solution.

You can be confident that:

  1. insurance programmes are tailored to meet any global exposure;
  2. our service is based on international guidelines and principles, guaranteeing consistent quality;
  3. access to worldwide insurance markets ensures the best insurance offers;
  4. your risk profile and business objectives will be fully taken into account;
  5. insurance solutions meet the local laws and regulations of any specific country. 
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