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Yuriy Nikanyonok

Mr. Nikanenok is a graduate of the physics faculty of Mechnikov’s Odessa National University and a winner of numerous international competitions in physics.

For 10 years he’s been collecting work experience from various professional services companies in the fields of logistics, sales and recruiting.

He’s been in BritMark since 2005. Now he is a head of the most service-oriented department of personal lines and medical assistance.

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Think about your own rules and choose the ones you can change radically.
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Normally each health insurance program overview along with basic sections such as ambulatory care, in-patient care, emergency health care and dental care has addendum containing bonus option which can be included in the coverage subject to additional insurance premium payment. Naturally enough it’s reasonable to evaluate whether or not such additional expenses are justified.
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This article might be of use for those who have little experience in health insurance or do not understand completely the essence of price determination on this kind of policies. If you are an employer considering conclusion or renewal of health insurance agreement for your employees, you’d want to know about the factors which influence the price of the policy. They are briefly reviewed below.
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The issue of obligatory health insurance has been an arguable point for quite some time now. Unfortunately, no progress has been reached so far in this matter while voluntary health insurance is becoming more and more popular. If you are a lucky owner of health insurance policy and would like to make the most of it the tips below would be of use to you.
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