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Katerina Shum

Ms Shum received a major in Economics from the Grodno State University and a scholarship from the Stockholm School of Economics, after which she received MA from the Economics Education and Research Consortium (Kyiv).

She has had practical experience as an economics column editor for the FOR’Z journal (Larkfield ltd. England), corporate clients account manager as well as experience of being a financial director.

In December 2020 Kateryna passed the exam and became the first one in Ukraine to receive the European certificate in risk management by Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

FERMA RIMAP Certificate provides an independent confirmation of professional competences and experience. The evaluation is based on the standard developed by European risk managers and recognized by FERMA’s 21 risk management member associations.

FERMA was established in 1974. This organization headquartered in Brussels currently unites 22 associations of professional risk managers operating in various fields of business.

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Insurance policy is usually concluded for the term equal to one year. However there is a possibility that the insurance rate will be increased for the renewed policy while the insured has hoped to receive the lower rate considering the absence of insured losses during the year. Normally you can save 3-5 % each year if no insured event took place.
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Valid property insurance does not guarantee that the indemnity will be paid in due course if your own employees do not know the basic steps they should take in case of an insured event. That is the conclusion we came to in the course of handling multiple real-life claims settlements.
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Starting from October winter crops insurance in Ukraine becomes a burning issue for a few principal players in the agricultural market. We say “a few” as the high cost of this insurance product makes it unaffordable for the majority of companies in this field let alone small farms. The insurance rates are in turn driven by significant risks associated with the agricultural activities and by overall unprofitability of agriculture.
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Katerina Shum offered 5 tips in favor of reconsidering the sum insured prior to corporate insurance policy renewal.
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