15 Nizhny Val Str., 5 floor, office 502
Kyiv 04071, Ukraine
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Andrey Kosenkov

Mr. Kosenkov is a graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and has a certificate of the Barrister’s Academy of Ukraine.

Upon graduation Andrey started his private practice and later moved to insurance indemnification. During hiss career Andrey safeguarded the interests of numerous large Ukrainian corporations – commercial property operators, pharmacy leaders, national retail stores, - by having received over several dozen million UAH worth of indemnification.

Andrey has been working in BritMark since 2007. Currently mr. Kosenkov is responsible for high quality and timely reimbursements. He also heads the Motor Vehicle Insurance Department.


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Concluding insurance agreement should be aimed, in the first place, at receiving indemnity in case of unforeseen circumstances. Imagine the Client’s distress if the insurance company denies indemnity or pays for the damage only partly.
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Lately there have been some developments in the sphere of issuing loans to businesses secured by pledged property assets. Though the process is not as speedy as some of companies would have wished, that is still a positive trend for the economic revival. Typically enough the majority of lenders view the compulsory insurance required under the mortgage agreements as the unintended expenses. Therefore only the slight share of attention is paid to considering and negotiating the most favorable insurance terms and conditions instead of using the insurance policies as the tool to minimize the entrepreneurial risks.
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Successful claim settlement depends mainly on your careful consideration of insurance coverage options available in the market. The choice should be defined primarily by your business needs.
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Lately the social networks have been riddled with posts either asking to help find the stolen car or asking whether or not someone is looking for this or that plateless car in the picture. Is Facebook actually helpful in such matters? It’s hard to tell. Meanwhile, the statistics on car theft is dispiriting. In 2015 over 10,000 vehicles have been stolen with only 1/3 of them having been found and returned to their owners. The numbers are even worse when it comes to luxury cars. Only 1 out of 20 is usually found. What is more, the condition of the cars that are lucky enough to be spotted, leaves much to be desired. Is it possible to protect your vehicle from being stolen by means of Facebook? Of course, not. On the contrary, CASCO insurance is an effective tool to set your mind at ease.
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