15 Nizhny Val Str., 5 floor, office 502
Kyiv 04071, Ukraine
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Managing Partner
Alexander Saus

Mr. Saus has been in organization and management for over 26 years. He received his experience both as a founder of his own companies (a national distributor of SmithKline Beecham in Ukraine) and holding top management positions in international corporations (QBE Insurance Group)

Alexander received an MBA in finance from the London University in 2000.

He heads BritMark since the foundation of the company. Under his leadership the company earned the trust of almost 300 large corporate clients from different fields of Ukrainian economy.

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A few weeks ago I happened to attend lecture delivered by the well-known businessman which lasted nearly three hours. It later spurred me to create this manual containing my thoughts on what should be included in a speech in order for it to be of value to the listeners.
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Every branch of professional services in Ukraine faces gradual commoditization of some services. Clients are not inclined to dig deep into the professional nuances but want to find out the price for any particular service outright like they do when purchasing goods.
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Last year Ukraine’s insurance market faced two major trends. The first one was associated with overall decline of economy due to ongoing conflict in the East of our country and sharp depreciation of national currency. The second one, though, came down to the fact that the need for structural reforms became urgent and obvious which, in its turn, gave start to new market developments.
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The development of insurance services is a significant vector in the EU-Ukraine integration process. This review is devoted to analyzing where our country stands in terms of key indicators of the insurance market compared to those of the European states.
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