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Cargo insurance policy is a complex product with a number of specific features which should be considered by those who are counting on being indemnified in case of an insured event.
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january 2016 year
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Traffic accidents happen all the time. Therefore almost everyone has an idea of what to do in case of such an emergency. As to the insured events which happen to the real estate objects, they are much rarer but entail way more serious consequences. The experience of dealing with them is quite limited. This article focuses on the key rules which would be helpful for property insurance policy holders.
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december 2015 year
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Let’s be honest – do you, like the majority of other company owners, usually see paying for insurance policy as incomprehensible, still necessary, expenses but definitely not as purchasing effective financial instrument? It may be one of the reasons why, if you sign an insurance policy without reading it, you end up with expensive stack of paper instead of effective insurance coverage. Interestingly enough, you never fail to read every bit of the credit agreement closely, don’t you?
#Insurance business
december 2015 year
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Insurance policy is usually concluded for the term equal to one year. However there is a possibility that the insurance rate will be increased for the renewed policy while the insured has hoped to receive the lower rate considering the absence of insured losses during the year. Normally you can save 3-5 % each year if no insured event took place.
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december 2015 year
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The past two years have seen our state as one of the leading newsmakers, with the world’s media displaying breaking headlines uncovering more and more of dramatic twists and turns in our nation’s history.
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december 2015 year
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In accordance with current Ukrainian legislation motor third party liability insurance has been compulsory for all car owners for several years now. However the penalties for not having MTPL insurance policy in your vehicle have been imposed only recently. Let’s see what aspects should be kept in mind when purchasing this kind of insurance.
#MTPL Insurance
november 2015 year
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