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All Management (20) Claims Settlement (6) Property insurance (49) Motor Vehicle Insurance (21) Health Insurance (16)
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Frequent are cases when employers include health care insurance into the benefits package they offer which sometimes creates problems for their employees. This happens in Ukraine if travel insurance is added as a bonus to the regular health insurance policy.
#Travel Insurance
august 2014 year
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How does a developer benefit from the contractors’ all risks policy? First and foremost, this instrument serves to minimize the damage or delay in completing a construction project due to an accident on the construction site. It is essential that the insurance policy is drafted professionally. Read this article to find out how.
#Contractors’ All Risks Insurance
may 2014 year
tells Vitaliy Lebedovskiy
#Liability Insurance
july 2013 year
tells Igor Marfin
february 2013 year
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february 2013 year
You can find detailed explanation of the main advantages for the clients, which insure their risks with the help of insurance brokers.
december 2012 year
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