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Vitaliy Lebedovskiy commented on the insurance products requested by IT companies in Ukraine and explained why this sphere of insurance coverage is not that popular in our country. Despite enormous potential of the national IT market, insurance companies tend not to view this field as additional niche for development, making technological companies find the ways to cover their risks themselves.
#Liability Insurance#Other
april 2015 year
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Andrey Kosenkov told about the impact of national currency depreciation on indemnity under CASCO car insurance.
#CASCO Insurance
april 2015 year
tells Andrey Kosenkov
It is not a secret that among insurance companies working in Ukraine, sometimes one can meet a companies, which tries to decrease expenses by refusing to pay reimbursement for an insured car, which had an accident. I’ll try in short to explain how avoid the most popular games of insurance companies in the process of liability and CASCO underwriting.
#CASCO Insurance#MTPL Insurance
march 2015 year
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I am often given credit for possessing talent of finding and hiring stars. However BritMark owes its success to completely opposite point of view. I strongly support the idea that hiring superstars is not always the right decision. Here are 10 reasons in favor of this point of view.
#Management#HR Management
march 2015 year
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Recent events in Ukraine such as sudden annexation of the Crimea, military clashes in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, US dollar exchange rate instability brought about coming up of the natural question relevant to both ordinary citizens and businessmen – is it possible to be insured against damage caused by civil commotions, terrorism or military operations?
#War/Terrorism Insurance
march 2015 year
tells Katerina Shum
This article focuses on significant extension which most insurance policies usually lack.
#Business Interruption Insurance
february 2015 year
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