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Liability insurance for legal professionals is relatively new product though it has caught on both in Ukraine and worldwide. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the most complicated and specific insurance products.
#Liability Insurance
november 2015 year
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Ukraine business owners are usually most discontented in two major spheres which are HR management and marketing. Why does the performance of these two functions rarely meet a leader’s expectations? What gives rise to the most unfavorable criticism? I would like to share 7 tips on how to deal with these discrepancies between your expectations and reality.
#HR Management#Marketing
october 2015 year
CASCO Insurance is one of the most popular motor vehicle insurance products. Unlike obligatory motor third party liability insurance CASCO coverage is completely voluntary and allows car owners to feel more secure when driving in Ukraine.
#CASCO Insurance
october 2015 year
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In Ukraine sick leave certificate is a valid document justifying an employee’s absence from work. It is also taken into account when reports are submitted to Social Security Fund or various kinds of compensation are calculated. Ironic as it is health insurance can sometimes put the timely issuance of sick leave certificate in jeopardy.
#Health Insurance
october 2015 year
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Traditional media channels are still popular in the modern society. At the same time social media have been winning over bigger and bigger share of population. Unquestionably, business is based on interpersonal relationships. Corporate deals are concluded by real people who get a chance to reveal each others’ true characters, values and beliefs. Social media can be quite unpredictable sometimes. A random viewer of your profile can turn into a Client, while a Client can promote your services and become advocate of your brand.
october 2015 year
Lately we have been frequently asked which insurance company offers the best health insurance products for the kids and how much it all costs. It is mostly the cause of health and life insurance becoming more and more popular in our country. This made us draw up a brief set of some tips regarding the best possible choice for a corporate or private health insurance policy covering the children.
#Health Insurance
september 2015 year
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