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The number of companies, which invest in renewable energy, is growing immensely. It is mostly driven by one key factor – a quite predictable and reasonably short payback period. However, the targets in this field require substantial investments, and from time to time people are even tempted to take the risk of losing all of their savings with a view to making profit in the long run. This article dwells upon the smart ways of securing your investments. Insurance has always been the most reliable way to do so. Let us give this issue a closer look to find out about the relevant insurance products.
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april 2018 year
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Let’s be honest – the issue of personal property insurance, home insurance in particular, is far from being among top-10 priorities for ordinary citizens. To my mind, it’s a shame. In the light of social economic level of development for vast majority of our peers depend on their dwelling as the only one real estate asset they own. Therefore it deserves to be treated accordingly. Nevertheless decision to insure alone might not do if you do not take the nuances into consideration. This article will reveal some of them.
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february 2018 year
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Cargo insurance can boast constant demand in Ukrainian insurance market since quite wide range of entities are entitled to act as the Insured under the contracts. Shippers, consignees, carriers and freight forwarders may have the insurable interest in the cargo and conclude the policies accordingly. Judging by our experience, the party which is the most interested in the cargo safely reaching the destination point is more likely to pay for the insurance.
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september 2017 year
What is the correct way to fill out the insurance application in order to avoid problematic claim settlement?
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september 2016 year
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Concluding insurance agreement should be aimed, in the first place, at receiving indemnity in case of unforeseen circumstances. Imagine the Client’s distress if the insurance company denies indemnity or pays for the damage only partly.
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september 2016 year
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All risks property insurance agreements have been catching on in Ukrainian market recently. In this regard a logic question comes up – do they really provide coverage against all the possible perils to which the Insured are exposed in the every-day life? The truth is that apart from quite comprehensible exceptions such as military conflicts, decisions of government authorities aimed at nationalization, confiscation or expropriation of insured property as well as cyber attacks or permanent factors causing natural wear and tear of the insured objects there are some exceptions from “all risks” insurance coverage that actually happen rather frequently.
#Contractors’ All Risks Insurance#Real Estate Insurance#Leased Property Insurance#Other
september 2016 year
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