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august 2016 year
august 2016 year
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Bonus Options in Health Insurance Policies
exclusively for Capital

Normally each health insurance program overview along with basic sections such as ambulatory care, in-patient care, emergency health care and dental care has addendum containing bonus option which can be included in the coverage subject to additional insurance premium payment. Naturally enough it’s reasonable to evaluate whether or not such additional expenses are justified.

First of all let's look into the essence of bonus options. They constitute the separate clauses which are not covered by the basic sections. Some of the options can be included into the coverage for free if an insurance company is interested in signing more business.  

Usually each insurance company has different set of bonus options. The most common ones are vitamins, vaccination or immunization, corporate first-aid kit, extended pharmaceuticals coverage, routine examination, treatment of chronic diseases in remission, corporate limit for diagnosing and treatment of illnesses normally excluded from the policy etc.   In rare cases visits of physicians or even masseurs to the office are covered.  As to the options aimed at health improvement such as gyms and swimming pools subscriptions, the proposal of them has become quite limited lately. First, they are rather expensive. Second, they hardly fall within the category of health insurance. 

Considering the economic situation in the country a basic set of bonuses most typical for the majority of insurer has stood out. This article dwells on the three most popular options in the market.  


Logic runs that vitamins should be available twice a year – in autumn and in spring which are the worst periods for immune systems when the risk of colds is the highest
There are two core parameters of this option. They are frequency meaning the number of times a client can use it during the term of the agreement and the limit of coverage meaning the maximum sum of money which can be spent on vitamins. Logic runs that vitamins should be available twice a year – in autumn and in spring which are the worst periods for immune systems when the risk of colds is the highest. The reasonable minimal limit for this option should be no less than UAH 200.  Whether or not the insured will take these vitamins is another question.

Please note that insurance companies hold corporate procurement tenders for this kind of medication and offer the limited choice of vitamins to their clients. If you know which one you prefer make sure to stipulate this in your insurance policy.  Otherwise you will be bound to agree to insurance company’s choice.  


This option is similar to the first one. The only difference is that the choice of the vaccines is determined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine rather than the preference of Insured. Another thing is that in order for the vaccination to be held at the office the minimal number of employees should be no less than 10-15.  Once again, this aspect should also be stipulated by the agreement.

Corporate first-aid kit

Basically it is a set of meds which are refilled with the frequency and within the limit negotiated before signing the insurance policy. It’s wise to assess the possible expenses beforehand to ensure that you get the sufficient amount of medications for the whole year.