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Insurance companies will refuse to place risks of businesses operating in cities with high war risks. But it is still possible to get insurance. How to do it?
#Real Estate Insurance#War/Terrorism Insurance#Property Claims Settlement
september 2022 year
What is the correct way to fill out the insurance application in order to avoid problematic claim settlement?
#Property Claims Settlement#Real Estate Insurance
september 2016 year
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Most probably you ran across wrecked cars carrying a vivid banner which said “Insured by…” more than once. In Ukraine car owners choose to express their indignation in such a creative way after being denied insurance indemnity. While the majority of disappointed Clients fully hold the insurance company accountable for their misfortunes, they would be quite surprised to find out that quite many times they were the ones to blame. What are themost common mistakes that entail indemnity denial?
#Motor Vehicle Claims Settlement#CASCO Insurance
february 2016 year
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There is myth quite popular in our country that “Ukraine’s insurance doesn’t work”. I’ve been handling insurance claims for a pretty long time already. In my experience there has been not a single unjustified denial.
#Motor Vehicle Claims Settlement#Property Claims Settlement
february 2016 year
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Last year Ukraine’s insurance market faced two major trends. The first one was associated with overall decline of economy due to ongoing conflict in the East of our country and sharp depreciation of national currency. The second one, though, came down to the fact that the need for structural reforms became urgent and obvious which, in its turn, gave start to new market developments.
#Insurance business#Property Claims Settlement
january 2016 year
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Traffic accidents happen all the time. Therefore almost everyone has an idea of what to do in case of such an emergency. As to the insured events which happen to the real estate objects, they are much rarer but entail way more serious consequences. The experience of dealing with them is quite limited. This article focuses on the key rules which would be helpful for property insurance policy holders.
#Property Claims Settlement#Real Estate Insurance#Collateral Insurance#Other
december 2015 year
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