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The past two years have seen our state as one of the leading newsmakers, with the world’s media displaying breaking headlines uncovering more and more of dramatic twists and turns in our nation’s history.
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december 2015 year
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Ukraine business owners are usually most discontented in two major spheres which are HR management and marketing. Why does the performance of these two functions rarely meet a leader’s expectations? What gives rise to the most unfavorable criticism? I would like to share 7 tips on how to deal with these discrepancies between your expectations and reality.
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october 2015 year
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Traditional media channels are still popular in the modern society. At the same time social media have been winning over bigger and bigger share of population. Unquestionably, business is based on interpersonal relationships. Corporate deals are concluded by real people who get a chance to reveal each others’ true characters, values and beliefs. Social media can be quite unpredictable sometimes. A random viewer of your profile can turn into a Client, while a Client can promote your services and become advocate of your brand.
october 2015 year
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What you are about to read is not intended for everyone. It might be useful for those having to spend some time convincing themselves in the necessity of networking prior to attending any event. Yes, networking is natural. However, it frequently can arouse inner protest if you are an introvert. So what is the biggest introverts’ problem in terms of networking? Is it possible, or more importantly, is it necessary to overcome oneself? The fact that there are no completely self-sufficient people living in a kind of exclusive biosphere is obvious even to us – introverts. The best things that happen to us are often associated with other people. Even if a brilliant idea has crossed your mind, one way or another, you’ll need someone’s assistance to bring it into life.
september 2015 year
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Psychologists believe that extroverts are always more successful and are much more comfortable in business environment than their psychological antipodes - introverts. Is it really so? Which dangers lurk in wait for the extroverts and how to avoid them?
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july 2015 year
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Everyone knows that networking is useful, but not all of us are actually eager to do it. There are always plenty of plausible excuses like work or home affairs which we would rather attend to than go to an event to meet and exchange business cards with strangers.
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june 2015 year
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