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october 2015 year
october 2015 year
Managing Partner Alexander Saus
exclusively for Forbes

10 Tips for Brand Management in Social Media

Managing Partner Alexander Saus
exclusively for Forbes

Traditional media channels are still popular in the modern society. At the same time social media have been winning over bigger and bigger share of population. Unquestionably, business is based on interpersonal relationships. Corporate deals are concluded by real people who get a chance to reveal each others’ true characters, values and beliefs. Social media can be quite unpredictable sometimes. A random viewer of your profile can turn into a Client, while a Client can promote your services and become advocate of your brand. 

I’ve always believed that the top manager of the company and the company itself constitute the brand as they are similar in many ways and serve the same goals. That’s the promotion plan for them should follow the same pattern.  

Here are some tips regarding brand management in social media which might be helpful for you.   

1. Define the frequency of posts. It may seem that this aspect does not refer to creation of company’s brand. However it’s hard to grow the number of followers on Facebook if they don’t know when to expect another post. Newspapers and magazines are published in accordance with strict schedule, you know. You do business constantly rather than only when you feel like it. That’s why it’s imperative that your schedule be known to your followers.

2. React to the comments promptly. Your replies to the comments must be regular and you should pay almost as much attention to them as to the posts themselves. Social media should provide the platform for two-party dialogue instead of the monologue just from your side. You can actually solve any issue relating to the client service online. Do not forget that random visitors of your page could become strong advocates of your brand on the Internet. Your profile or company page could be easily turned into effective platform for networking.

3. Do not worry about being perfect. You will never be such after all. Even if you are not sure that your post is 100 % great, publish it anyway. Your presence in social media is like brushing teeth. Regularity is more important than perfectionism. Even if you have doubts regarding the quality of the post, release it – you can delete it later if you like.

4. Dictate your posts. Yes, this also helps to create your brand. You can either record them or dictate to your secretary. Social media are the long way run. While you and I don’t have too much time to spare, that’s often the reason not to be present in social media in the first place. Once you’ve started, you can either continue or fail altogether.

5. Plan your posts for the week ahead. Trust me, this will save you lots of time. Even more, you will not have to force yourself to write a post every day while your drafts will sink into your conscience. When time comes you might want to reconsider and publish another post, or, on the contrary, some post will be just what the audience is craving for. 

6. Feel free to use your material from other media channels as it’s hard to produce brand-new material on the daily basis. For example, the same article can be broken into several fragments posted is social media in 5-6 independent posts. Besides, you can use the content of your colleagues with the proper credit to them, of course.

Social media is a unique platform where it’s very hard to push out someone who jumped on it before you did
7. Do not envy fame of others. Social media is a unique platform where it’s very hard to push out someone who jumped on it before you. Stop feeling jealous.

8. Win over negative or ambiguous information about your brand by producing much more positive posts published over long period of time. Before starting your campaign you will need to know for sure what distinctive features you will be focusing on in order to become well-known.

9.  Become well recognized in the sphere where you are stronger than your competitor. The goal of your coming to social media is to become popular, after all. That’s why try to put your biography and objective in one sentence. And only then start the journey of promoting your brand during many years to come.

10. Do not sell your goods but create the strong brand instead. That is actually the most effective way of selling products or services online. Share your leader’s experience in order to accumulate the group of followers. Your colleagues will also need to give out free advice to the Clients in order to win over followers as well. Only when a Client feels thankful enough to ask for your product or service, then you get a real chance to sell them.  

All my publications as well as company’s are written by my colleagues and me. Of course, we could have used the help of professional journalists, but the opportunity to influence our audience ourselves seemed much more appealing. However please remember that in order to successfully build your brand you will need to work hard for at least a year.  

Do not trust independent contractors who promise you the newest and the most effective tools of promotion. There is no place for miracles in the social media. There are only few simple approaches and tons of everyday hard labor. The approaches are described above. The main secret, however, is that you must be top-notch expert while still remaining a decent person who is willing to put time and effort in direct communication with a Client.