Benefits of work

We are constantly growing both in terms of the number of Clients and the number of employees. Since we believe our Clients to be the best, they are provided with the service of the best as well. Reverse statement may also be true. It well may be that we were able to win the Clients’ trust thanks to the best employees. We do not hire people with prior experience in insurance. That’s our principle position. It’s imperative that our colleague be brought up within the team and share our values. Fourteen years in business made us focus on 4 values which are caring, togetherness, positive attitude to life and growth..

All of our actions are aimed at turning you into the high class expert in 2 or 3 years:

  • Company information is fully disclosed to the employees. Presentations on each department’s results are delivered on a weekly basis; 
  • Mentor’s support is provided during first 2-3 years at BritMark;
  • Workshops on personal and professional growth conducted by internal and invited couches are held on a weekly basis;
  • Social and cultural events are held twice a month;
  • Harmonious combination of dress code with personal comfortable style of each individual is allowed;
  • Employees and their families are provided support in critical situations which includes material and legal aid;
  • Financial aid to newly-weds and young parents is ensured;
  • Health and casualty insurance, including critical diseases coverage is offered;
  • Tennis table, darts and foosball are at your disposal at the office;
  • Flexible schedule is included in the job offer. 
Average height of the employees Average age of the employees

Currently 70 % of our team consists of employees who have been with BritMark for over 6 years. Since 2004 almost half of the employees (40 %) moved up the career ladder and became top managers or partners of the company.   

We are interested in candidates who:

  • have their goal in life,
  • are willing to facilitate other people’s and companies’  achievements;
  • are willing to work in the atmosphere of trust and respect;
  • seek the opportunities where others do not see them and enjoy learning;
  • are capable of making quick decisions in non-standard situations and working with long documents.