Benefits of work

BritMark provides optimal environment for personal advancement and great compensation package. Due to the adherence to western standards you will gain access to several advantages such as:

  • mentor’s support during your first year in BritMark;
  • workshops on personal and professional development (internal and external);
  • resources for self-education and advancement (BritMark library;
  • various social and cultural events held on the regular basis;
  • opportunity to relax after a hard working day (we’ve got tennis table, darts, foosball, chess, backgammon);
  • balanced co-existence of formal dress-code and personal comfortable style of each employee;
  • support of the employees and their relatives in the critical situations, including financial and consultative support;
  • maternity leave compensation;
  • health insurance, casualty insurance;
  • great office located in 2-minute walking distance from Pochtova Ploshcha subway station  
Average height of the employees Average age of the employees

Currently 50 % of our employees have been with BritMark for over 6 years. Since 2004 nearly 40 % of our team started their career at entry-level positions but gradually became managers and partners of the company.

If you are ready to join our team, make sure to carefully read the following;

We are interested in candidates who:

  • have personal goal in life;
  • seek to provide services and assist in achieving goals of their colleagues and company as a whole;
  • effectively co-operate with fellows sharing their views and create the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect;
  • find opportunities not visible to others and strive for self-perfection;
  • are flexible and adaptive to changes in environment;
  • love what they do;
  • are attentive to details;
  • are able to make quick decisions in non-standard situations and can work with massive documents;
  • can listen and be heard.