Property Insurance

You can rely on our unfailing service (see Recommendations of Our Clients) which includes:

1. Evaluating your company’s property insurance portfolio

2. Conducting tenders among the insurance companies to find the best offer based on price and quality.

3. Reducing expenditures under your company’s current insurance policies

4. Strengthening your position in the negotiations with the insurance company due to the substantial size of BritMark’s portfolio placed with it.

5.  Offering you interaction with bigger number of insurance companies accredited in the particular bank than the number you would have had access to before working with BritMark.

6. Ammending the insurance policies to your benefit, including deleting the unfavourable provisions, with subsequent coordination of the wording with both banks and insurance companies.   

8. Presenting you with the insurance coverage plan sufficient to meet the requirements of lending institutions or  lessors.

9. Renewing the current policies on time and with no rush along with making sure for all the necessary documents to be issued by the insurance companies within the deadline suitable for you.

10. Choosing the insurance company based not only on its financial ratios but also keeping in mind the predictability of its management along with its record of working with BritMark

Accreditation of Insurance Companies

BritMark has significant experience in property insurance and serves companies which bear over UAH 100,000 worth of total yearly insurance expenses.

BritMark Property Department manages UAH 99.69 bln. worth of total risks portfolio. It is comprised of cargo, real estate, CAR, liability and PDBI insurance policies.

Accreditation of Insurance Companies
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