Claims Settlement

Property insurance claim settlement includes but is not limited to:

  1. Notifying the insurance company of the insured event in compliance with its policies
  2. Providing timely site of occurrence inspection.
  3. Making the preliminary assessment whether the event can be classified as an insured one.
  4. Bringing your outgoing documents into conformity with the insurance policy and indemnity procedures.
  5. Speeding up the loss adjustment results.
  6. Giving the incentive to the insurance company to be quick in addressing your claim settlement. 
  7. Accelerating the indemnity payment upon submission of all the documents required.
  8. Negotiating with the insurance company regarding the indemnity payment in disputed cases

Motor vehicle insurance claim settlement includes but is not limited to:

  1. Categorizing the event in terms of perils insured and facilitating the speedy arrival of traffic police.
  2. Representing your interests on site of occurrence (car accident).
  3. Negotiating with law enforcement authorities after the car accident.
  4. Assessing the damage right after the car accident.
  5. Gathering all the documents required to receive indemnity.
  6. Streamlining the consideration of the case by insurance company’s decision makers,
  7. Reconciling car service stations’ bills with insurance company’s calculations.
  8. Seeing to the timely maintenance by car service stations. 

In 2015 BritMark’s Indemnity Department settled 1062 of our clients’ claims. The total volume of indemnity paid increased by UAH 21.3 compared to the previous year and reached UAH 39 mln.

We provide settlement under all types of coverage offered by our partner insurance companies. Our professional approach along with previous experience and long-term relationship with them enables you to receive the indemnity much faster than if you would have cooperated with the insurance company directly. 

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