“Hearty Merriment, or Cap Full of Crucians” in в Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy Located on the Left Bank or Dnieper River

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Yesterday BritMark team enjoyed another premier of Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy located on the left bank of Dnieper River. We watched the play called “Hearty Merriment, or Cap Full of Crucians” based on the storybook by Yuriy Koval “Clean Dor”. Stage version was prepared by Dmitriy Bogomazov.

“Hearty Merriment, or Cap Full of Crucians”  is a collection of funny, kind, wise and cheerful stories about old village named Clean Dor and about the lives of its residents.

These amusing stories are great for sole, mind and heart as they make the spectators kinder and purer. Subtle irony of the author surely adds up to the overall positive impression.

If you are looking for something sincere and simple, don’t miss this play. 

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