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UAH 190,000 paid to the Client for Broken Compressor in the Supermarket

Client Received UAH 200,000 for Damaged Goods

Indemnity Paid in Foreign Currency

Indemnity in the Amount of UAH 564,000 Paid for Stolen Goods

UAH 610,000 Paid for Damaged Roof

UAH 325,000 Paid to Our Client for Ruined Tractor

UAH 530,000 Paid to Our Client for Damaged Tractor

On December 29 one of the tractors hit another one going in the same column.

65 Claims Settled and UAH 2,509,000 Paid to Our Clients in January

The record number of claims was settled this January.

Happy 13th Anniversary!

Today we were happy to celebrate the 13th anniversary of BritMark in one of the cosy restaurants at Podol.