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UAH 812,000 Paid to Client for Damaged Vehicle

We assisted our Client in receiving UAH 812,000 for damaged Scania truck. Due to the heavy rain, the driver lost control of the vehicle, went into the ditch and hit the tree.

Are Litigation Costs Insurable?

Judicial reform, which is still underway, though certain provisions of new codes of practice have already come into effect. They, for instance, stipulate that the prevailing party be fully reimbursed for incurred litigation expenses.

Product Liability Insurance Policies Required by Trademark Licensing Agreements Provided for Clients

We were pleased to help two more companies with such complex insurance product as product liability insurance.

Indemnity Paid for Short-Delivery of 5 Tons of Rutile Ore

While the cargo was shipped from Ukraine to one of CIS states, 5 tons of rutile ore went missing.

UAH 523,000 Paid to the Client for Damaged Vehicle

Our Client’s vehicle hit the post stand, which in turn fell and damaged the cabin.

Do You Need to Sign a Family Doctor if You Have Health Insurance?

Health care reform is well under way. Every day the number of signed contracts is growing exponentially. Over 460,000 contracts with family doctors have been concluded in the first two weeks since the start of the program, and those are just the official numbers.

UAH 147,000 Paid for the Fire

The fire in our Client’s business center was caused by a regular short circuit. 30 sq.m. of the premises were completely destroyed by the fire.

UAH 600,000 Paid to the Client for the Fire on the Roof of TEC

A spark from restaurant’s kitchen found its way through the ventilation system and set the roof of our Client’s trade center on fire.

New Personal Lines Insurance Product: “The Best Doctors” or “Health Care “Without Borders”

The best doctors of the world become closer with the program “The Best Doctors”. It covers treatment of critical diseases in leading international hospitals abroad by internationally known doctors within the limit of EUR 1 mln per year.