Ukraine Travel Insurance: How to Choose the Right One

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What are the options?

Travel insurance Ukraine’s market has to offer is a voluntary type of insurance. That’s why policies vary significantly depending on the extent of coverage. The basic services covered by travel insurance policy are the emergency medical expenses and expenses for medical transportation.

Travel insurance policies also differ based on the purpose of travel, its duration and number of destination points.

There are single-time policies covering the specific time period for visiting one country or the annual ones which cover the limited duration of one trip without imposing the limit on the number of trips during the year. The broadest coverage is provided by the multi – policies which cover unlimited number of trips and sometimes even unlimited number of days within one trip.   

How to make the right choice?

Always inquire which medical services are covered by the insurance policy and whether or not assistance is operating in the country of your destination.
«First of all, make sure to read the policy and the program overview with paying special attention to the deductible amount and the specific limits for various occasions. Exclusions from the coverage should also be looked into to avoid unpleasant surprises. For instance, dermatitis caused by insect bites, allergies, sunburns or jet skiing.  Beware of this fact if you are planning fun summer vacation.

Always inquire which medical services are covered by the insurance policy and whether or not assistance is operating in the country of your destination.

What are the additional options?

Travel insurance Ukraine’s market can boast frequently stipulates the opportunity to pay for additional coverage. For instance, you can extend your travel policy for the casualty insurance (death, injury or disability). In this case you are entitled to receive the fixed sum of indemnification in case of the insured event. Besides, the option for covering dangerous sports is also quite popular among the travelers. Of course, you will need to pay from 40 % to 300 % more depending on the kind of sports, but it is worth it if you prefer extreme leisure.

How much?

The cost of Ukraine’s travel insurance depends on the territory, term of the policy, limit of liability, age of the Insured, their profession and sports preferences.  It’s possible to cut the cost by 1/3 by adding the deductible amount to the policy terms and conditions. However it is not reasonable if you actually expect your travel insurance to work.

Cheap insurance would cover only certain emergency cases while the one that costs over UAH 1,000 would ensure that you’ll be indemnified for all kinds of hospital and emergency care as well as dental care or even acute exacerbation of chronic diseases. 

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