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Sports Clubs Liability Insurance: Marketing Tool or Effective Coverage?

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Currently Ukrainian society has faced to tendency towards healthy way of life. Although it is still not as popular as in Europe where healthy food and physical attractiveness have become necessary attributes of successful businesspeople, the growing popularity of sports clubs looks very promising.

From the point of view of the customer all health care programs can be divided into fitness and wellness programs.

Fitness is provided by a regular sports club offering exercise equipment, weights, aerobics and various sports sections.

Wellness, on the other hand, includes different aesthetic procedures such as massages, manicure, spa, endermologie treatment, lifting procedures, laser cure of pigmentation spots, ultrasound peeling and so on.  Interestingly enough, those are as high-injury procedures as, for example, deadlift.

Some institutions offer both kinds of sports services while others limit their sphere of business to only one of them. What unites them both is that they all can get insurance covering their liability for possible visitors’ injuries.

Why would sports club owner need insurance?

Broken exercise equipment or incompetent instructor can actually cause serious trauma requiring expensive medical treatment let alone far more serious injuries.
Sports club or wellness club liability insurance is designed to cover the injury or property damage claims from their visitors. Broken exercise equipment or incompetent instructor can actually cause serious trauma requiring expensive medical treatment let alone far more serious injuries.

What is usually excluded from the insurance coverage?

It’s important to understand that insurance coverage is not a tool to retain clients. It is not aimed at soothing the injured visitor for him to leave the club completely satisfied. If you want to leave a good impression, give your customer a free annual pass instead. Insurance protects you from dealing with difficult legal disputes associated with temporary or permanent disability or even death.

Of course, insurance can cover minor injury or damage as well, though such situations rarely entail serious financial losses which would justify paying for liability insurance.

What aspects should be kept in mind when insuring sports club liability?

Sports club’s fault is a must for the insurance to be of use. If a visitor accidentally drops a weight on his foot or is injured while cycling in a gym, instructor is not necessary a person to blame.

A lot of factors are considered. Imagine that a visitor slips in the swimming pool and hits his head.

Was he given the necessary instructions by the staff?

Was there a “slippery floor” sign?

Are the visitors allowed to be near the water without the lifeguards or instructors present?

Was the first aid provided in time?

The answers to such questions will define whether or not an injury was caused due to the fault of a sports club or was it just an unfortunate accident.

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