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Alexander Kolomoets, Chief Technical officer of Valenta Pharmaceuticals office in Ukraine

Valenta Pharmaceuticals has been working with BritMark, because this company:

  • settles us all insurance claims, including refused claims and uninsured events;
  • fully conducts claims settlement, starting with claiming the loss and ending in receiving reimbursement and repairing the vehicle;
  • allows us to repair the vehicle without conducting the actual payment of insurance claims;
  • maintains full assistance of medical insurance, settling compromise claims and providing discounts for insurance programs. In the past year BritMark helped three of our employees to settle uninsured claims.

Yuriy Khomenko, CEO of Khreschatyk Plaza

December 2014

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Vadim Neposedov, President of “UTG”

February 2015

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Alexey Meleshchuk, CEO of Helen Marlen Group

October 2014

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