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Lina Novikova, CEO at FTL Assistance LLC

September, 2014

Our Law Firm FTL Assistance together with some of our clients have been working with BritMark since 2008. I have never met in person a few of BritMark’s brokers. However my colleagues and group of companies have always felt to be the most valued clients of BritMark for the past 6 years.
There was simply no need in personal meetings as all the communication gave results so swiftly that had we met in the office, all we had to talk about was culture and spelling. BritMark’s colleagues are fond of orthography and poetry.
6 years brought several insured events to me personally and to the clients of our company each of them being more complicated than the previous one in terms of both circumstances and paperwork. They concerned cars, insured equipment and even lost or damaged cargo, We have not had a single insured event in which the indemnification was denied to us, We have not waited for the payment from the insurance company longer than two weeks let alone a month. All the issues are addressed swiftly.
I am sure they don’t have software reminding them to call or email back. However it seems like magic when I always receive instant replies to dozens of my emails as well as complete satisfaction of requests.
You can assign the work to your most junior employee starting from preparing the agreement to managing the claim settlement as everything will be completely taken care of by BritMark. You do not have to know the pitfalls of 20 page insurance policy typed in small font plus 50 page rules and regulations of the insurance company. The only thing needed from you is to notify of the insured event and to provide the documents required.
We had not had a single case when we did not receive the rates promised, the indemnification was paid no later than in 10 days after the day insured event occurred,
BritMark has an ability to make the best offer. Even if the required insured product is not present in the market yet, they will always work it out having convinced any insurance company that this is necessary.
BritMark monitors companies’ rating, that’s why we always receive the offers from the most solvent insurance companies only.
BritMark was the only one capable of drafting and offering us conditions for insuring cargo of foreign companies with shipping points almost in every country of the world.
The fair description of such experts as Alexandr Korenyako, Andrey Kosenkov, Vitaliy Lebedovskiy, Yuriy Ostrovskiy, Alexander Saus, Yuriy Nikanyonok, Konstantin Uzunov are professionalism, competence,validity, sociability, effectiveness, friendliness.
Thank you for the great work! Sorry if I left someone out in the post. I just couldn’t find them on FB. My high opinion is applicable to all the company’s employees.
It made me believe that I shouldn’t start my car until it is insured via BritMark and I shouldn’t live in the house if it does not have the property insurance from BritMark. Just kidding. However, that is still true for the car.
It seems to me that BritMark’s objective is not to sell as many products as they can but to make their clients happy and protect their interests and property. One motor third-party liability claim resulted in paying over UAH 100,000 to the injured people while the policy itself was worth only couple hundred UAH. I am more than confident that this compromise was reached contrary to any legal ground or BritMark’s own benefit.
BritMark builds relationships with their clients and values them.

Oksana Bondarenko

November 2014

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Vadim Neposedov, President of “UTG”

February 2015

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Dmitriy Savenkov – Director of Meerland Ukraine

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