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Iryna Zavorotnyuk, Director of Global Universal Logistic Limited

Global Universal Logistic Limited operates in cargo traffic business. Therefore on-the-road non-standard situations involving cargo damage are routine for us. However none of these issues has ever developed into a dispute. Thanks to BritMark all claims are settled with utmost care and competence. In our turn, we remain confident that all of our risks will always be covered, and insured events will be resolved within the shortest deadline and to our benefit. Global Universal Logistic Limited is pleased to thank BritMark for custom approach and top-notch performance.

Olga Krivonogova, CFO of Pees Boy Club

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Lyudmila Sevryuk, Director of Brocard Ukraine

November 2014

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Svetlana Plyushch, Director of TEC “KOMOD”

April 2015

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