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Alexey Meleshchuk, CEO of Helen Marlen Group

«BritMark - is the best level of awareness and skills, which one could afford without a budget for educating and keeping specially trained professionals. This is a significant economy when it comes to searching for options among the familiar alternatives. This is confidence that all risks will be covered and all insurance claims that may occur will be settled within the shortest time possible and to the best of your advantage. In addition, this is a very interesting and attractive corporate culture which attracts and energizes you.

I would like to express my personal thanks for their services to such BritMark’s managers as Katerina Shum, Andrey Kosenkov and Miroslava Treytiak.

Good luck!”

Svetlana Plyushch, Director of TEC “KOMOD”

April 2015

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Lyudmila Sevryuk, Director of Brocard Ukraine

November 2014

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Yuriy Khomenko

December 2014

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