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Artem Semenyuk‎, Corporate Finance Director at Tactic Finance

January, 2015

A popular statement saying that people are the main asset of the company is not exactly true. The main company’s asset is its corporate culture. There can be great many of talented, professional or outstanding people in any business, but they will not have results if they work in the unfavorable environment. The good environment, on the contrary, brings about immensely positive result. During the period of my co-operation with BritMark which is actually close to 10 years now, I became certain that their corporate culture is built on two aspects – mutual respect and trust. As simple as that. And as effective. The combination of the first and the second makes the company resistible to any crisis, any non-standard situation does not result in a conflict but transforms into regular job that needs to be done. This is ultimate benefit and the greatest asset able to create the added value which is rule no.1 for any service company. I don’t see any sense in wishing BritMark to remain the same in the future but I do find sense in wishing it to become better!

Svetlana Plyushch, Director of TEC “KOMOD”

April 2015

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Alexander Tkachenko

February 2015

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