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Ian Valietov, Writer, Self-Employed

January, 2015

I have been insuring my family vehicles with the help of BritMark for many years now. Earlier I used CASCO but currently I have only third-party liability insurance. We already had experience of receiving the indemnity when my wife got in a car accident and her Lexus was pretty damaged. BritMark acting as an intermediary in the insurance deal solved the issue brilliantly. The expensive repair was paid by the insurance company in a timely manner. Then my son had the scratch on the door of his car, and BritMark also helped him receive the indemnification very quickly. To sum it up, we only had positive experience of working with BritMark. That’s why nowadays we insure cars only with their help. A couple of days ago I got a call from my account manager reminding me to renew my third-party liability policy. That reminded me it was high time I wrote a couple of good words about guys who remember about me, Good luck, BritMark!

Alla Danilyuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ascania

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Alexander Tkachenko

February 2015

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Yuriy Sorochinskiy

January 2015.

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