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BritMark Settled Claim of “Eldorado”

Amount of loss exceeded USD 11 mln. Indemnification was paid by Ukrainian Insurance Group.
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UAH 1,100,000 Paid to Our Client

The driver lost control of Mercedes due to heavy fog and icy road and went into a ditch.

UAH 397,000 Paid to Client for Damaged Trailer

We assisted our Client in receiving indemnity in the amount of UAH 397,000 for damaged Scania trailer.

UAH 620,000 Paid for the Fire Damage

UAH 812,000 Paid to Client for Damaged Vehicle

We assisted our Client in receiving UAH 812,000 for damaged Scania truck. Due to the heavy rain, the driver lost control of the vehicle, went into the ditch and hit the tree.

Indemnity Paid for Short-Delivery of 5 Tons of Rutile Ore

While the cargo was shipped from Ukraine to one of CIS states, 5 tons of rutile ore went missing.

UAH 523,000 Paid to the Client for Damaged Vehicle

Our Client’s vehicle hit the post stand, which in turn fell and damaged the cabin.

UAH 147,000 Paid for the Fire

The fire in our Client’s business center was caused by a regular short circuit. 30 sq.m. of the premises were completely destroyed by the fire.

UAH 600,000 Paid to the Client for the Fire on the Roof of TEC

A spark from restaurant’s kitchen found its way through the ventilation system and set the roof of our Client’s trade center on fire.

UAH 190,000 paid to the Client for Broken Compressor in the Supermarket