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BritMark Settled Claim of “Eldorado”

Amount of loss exceeded USD 11 mln. Indemnification was paid by Ukrainian Insurance Group.
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UAH 96,000 Paid for the Flat Screen TVs Scratched by Little Girl

There was a peculiar situation in one of the white goods stores of our Client. On September 20 a little girl managed to scratch 7 (!) flat screen TVs.

Client Indemnified for the Cargo Stolen Abroad

A few boxes of goods which were being shipped to Uzbekistan were stolen from the loaded truck at the parking lot near Lypetsk, Russian Federation.

UAH 540,000 paid to our Client under Cargo Insurance Policy

On June 29 the car was loaded at our Client’s warehouse but later disappeared along with the cargo.

Machinery Breakdown Claim Settled for Our Client

The insured event took place on March 21, 2016 in Zaporizhzhya.

UAH 100,445 Paid to the Client

Insured event took place on April 29.2016 in Kyiv.

UAH 670,000 Paid to the Client for Porsche Cayenne

The insured event took place on April 12, 2016.

UAH 187,704 Worth of Indemnity Paid to Our Client К

Vehicle KAMAZ belonging to out Client was severely damaged as the result of traffic accident.

UAH 451,616 Worth of Claim Settled

The driver of Volvo FM (year of manufacturing – 2011) belonging to our Client lost control of the vehicle and hit road safety barrier in the Kyiv-Kharkiv highway.

Client Indemnified for the Stolen Car

A brand new Honda Pilot, nearly 3-months old, was stolen from the employee of our Client company right on Christmas.